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If you have credit problems, do not keep applying over and over online. Each rejection can further damage your credit standing; work with a special finance expert like California Auto Loan instead.

Two old rules of thumb about car loans and car payments. First, never spend more than 12 to 15 percent of your monthly take-home pay on a car payment. Second, a lot of old pros believe that if you can't afford to put 20 percent down, you shouldn't be buying.

Try to not negotiate on the monthly payment. Negotiate for the total price. Any loan amount can be made to fit your monthly payment if you stretch out the term long enough.

Completing our online auto loan application puts you under no obligation and from the moment you start your personal information is protected via our secure server.

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We've been helping people in California with either good or bad credit obtain car loans since 1989.

Fill out our 60-second online auto loan application and your information will be quickly reviewed by a local loan advisor. Even if you've been turned down for a car loan in the past, our California auto loan experts will review your application and rapidly find the right loan for you.

Your car loan application puts you under NO OBLIGATION and from the moment you click to apply, your private information will be protected on an encrypted secure server. We will then hook you up with a loan officer at a nearby dealership and offer you the chance for an one-stop-shop, VIP appointment, way of buying a car.

Please read our minimum credit requirements for a bad credit California auto loan.